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G! Turbo - Game Over - The Cult, The Cowardly King and The Fool win!


Squid was placed onto the guillotine shouting “Stop! I want to live! Let me live!” As it came crushing down on her head she said “Stupid Idiots!” Squid was:


Town Useless
"Useless" (Passive) - You have no abilities. Your only ability is to vote, except, you cannot claim to be a litizen, citizen, or any other citizen analogue

The class they dropped was:

The Killed :shield:
Blue Dragon Special

The Curse (Passive) - Night 1 will be skipped if you are alive. You die at the start of Day 2.
The Scrapegoat(Passive) - The town will be able to accuse and vote and execute for treason on Day 1; all abilities that would prevent this are disabled for Day 1. If they would not execute anyone for treason you will be executed for treason.
The Only Chance(Day) - If a Blue Dragon was executed on Day 1 your target will die, too. - 1 use


Night 3 has begun.


Day 4 has begun. No deaths again.


/vote BlueStorm

At this point he has to be the new Mastermind
Potential converts are Gamer and Isaac, but Isaac joined late so leaning towards Gamer


New bounty boi


Who’s it on?


/Vote blue




EZ exe then



Bluestorm I Kape, GamerPoke I 2/4




At this point there is atleast 1 assa

Isaac can’t be lone assa or Game would have ended
ICs are ICs
Im neut kang
That leaves hja/blue/poke

Poke,double vote,
/Vote blue


/vote Blue


wait nvm


is there a king lmao im sorry I wasn’t here


Hammer stop talk



Bluestorm I Kape, GamerPoke, Meteoro I 4/4


5 votes


I voted /vote blue


carry me met