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G! Turbo - Game Over - The Cult, The Cowardly King and The Fool win!


/vote exe


Did you even claim?

Also you’re looking for a claim in a sea of potential fakeclaims here, what would you gain?


Grand Trial idiot.


If it’s the first one to be voted then Blue. If not then eh


Kape is BD I said.




Nice defense and nice vote on the Child.

/vote Exe


Just vote to execute or pardon Squid.


Kape has revealed themself as the Innocent Child!


/Axe em



At least I’d figure something from this.


My mommy got some games, wanna play?




If 5 executes are voted. You die Squid btw


Look man, what I did was an accident, I placed my vote before I realized Priestess as an Innocent Child and also HOW MANY MORE ICs ARE THERE?!


High Five!




@Priestess, can you check anymore? I wanna make sure something


Stop talking 5 exes


Stop talking. That’s lynch.