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G! Turbo! - Game Over! - The Blue Dragon, The Mercenary, The Mercenary and The Fool win!


Alchie chose you for… well. obvious reasons.


Oh also. @Soulshade55r you really were forced to play Drunk btw.


I rolled a spot that literally contained nothing.


also did I win


Yeh, you were “The Mercenary” who won.


Yeah thanks really wanted another drunk game


I had the option to play Suicide Knight.
I didn’t take it for obvious reasons.


Never allow boss to choose his own class :sunglasses:


Then what were you?


O wow this ended quic

damn thats a lot of mercenarys


I knew you were fool


I enjoyed this.


> # The Mercenary
> Neutral Special
overmind (Passive) - you know everyones classes
nice (Passive) - no other class can affect you in any way
allies (Day) - change wincondition of target to (you win when H_Hjasik wins if he isnt in game you cant win) - Infinite uses
you win when H_Hjasik wins if he isnt in game you cant win


Mod bias rolling me drunk waz report for game throw


Players who won:

  • Hjasik
  • Kape
  • PoisonedSquid (Hjasik Won)
  • Priestess
  • Lightsin
  • Isaac
  • Boss110


You are too late




no I knew from the start lol


forgot Squid won.


and this thing.