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Frame/Mindwarp Buff


Mind warp + Frame rework (More useful)
Mind warp/Frame will now reverse the results from any ability aka if a Physician heals someone framed they will get the heal message when they aren’t meant to.

Unseen for example will appear Not suspicious IF framed or the Sheriff was mind warped, but Neutrals and Blue Dragon will appear Suspicious.

-Why, because this form of framing/MindWarping is more useful and EVEN targets who appear Not Suspicious will show up as unseen, but also it can frame people as Occupy immune or not, it can make the game more complex and not able to confirm everything.

I feel like this will make people rely less on Investigative’s and add MORE social deduction won’t solve everything


old mind warp :thinking:


Old Mindwarp was way more better. Lets all admit that the new Mind warp change Isn’t great.

Also this makes frame work more like older Mindwarp but only on that targeted person.

So if you target that person you’ll become mindwapred.


How would this Mindwarp work with an ability with no exact opposite result? (E.g Observer follow and peek, Princess flirt, Noble spy and gossip, etc.)


it can make the game more complex

Mindwarp was nerfed on purpose with simplification in mind. Despite my earlier complaint I think it’s fine as it is, it’s just that Illusionist needs something better than Mental Blur lol.


Gossip - they noble gets wrong gossip results aka reversed gossip (for most things) Princess flirt will see the target K/O Unless they already are which will make them S/I, Observer will not get any results, peek will see bd/neut as evil and evil as bd


I’ll flag you.