Forumers Defence Mechanism

What kind of weapons/stuff, etc do you carry on the forum to protect yourself? Natural defences? Etc, that kind of thing.
(This is not serious, kind of a joke)

A -

B -

C -

D -

E -

F -

G -

GamerPoke -
Weapon - The Power of God and Anime
Defense - Ahhhhhh

H -

I -

Insanity -
Weapon - My lack of responsibility
Defense - My subtle OwO and UwU

J -

Jake -
Weapon - Fiery Greatsword
Defense - None

K -

Kai -
Weapons - Weed
Defenses - Alcoholism

L -

M -

Magnus -
Weapons - A magical sword known as LightBearer. It isn’t supposed to be used as a weapon except in the gravest situations. He also carries a magical knife that can be called to hand instantly, slice through anything light paper (there are exceptions, of course).
Defences - A powerful jump that can quite go over anyone’s head.

N -

O -

P -

Q -

R -

S -


It's a joke *and* literal

T -

U -

V -

W -

X -

Y -

Z -

My no anime card

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Can you make it wiki?

I agree with Simon, why should I share my weak spots. :eyes:

So we can defeat you in the revolution No reason.

cut-throat sarcasm


anti noob gun

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How much does it hurt you?


How do you live?

if ur a pro

mine is serious

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What if you’re a pro at noob games?



What if you’re a noob because you lowercase your sentences and drop the full stops?




everyone else

this should help

Unfortunately, your list is pointless from both mine and your perspective.

:gun: don’t make me shoot you with my gun

You didn’t say you were a pro, so would it allow you to use it?
Also :dagger::dagger::dagger: Unlimited knives.