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[Forum Suggestion] Closed Topics


Topics that are closed should allow the person who created the topic to be able to still reply there. This would be very useful for people who create Forum Matches but can’t type when it is locked to give an update.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Waz are you just salty your Counting to 1000 thread got locked? (No)
  • Waz are you just salty your Counting to 1000 thread got locked? (But it’s a Yes)

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@Solic @Geyde @eevee @PoisonedSquid

Feel free to close this thread if in the wrong place.


But you should still be able to post here


They can always edit the title or ending post too.

There are also threads that are locked and are not forum matches, where this would be undesirable.

For forum matches, we can also just decide to punish nightposting more harshly.

I don’t even know if this is a feature of discourse anyways, so we can petition for it… but yeah if it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist. @orangeandblack5 might know this.


This is a bad idea.

If a mod closes something then it’s most likely closed for a reason:They don’t want the topic to be discussed anymore. This just allows people to abuse the system. What we really need is a way for people to open close their thread if it’s forum mafia.


I believe there is a way to get that to work.


Yes they should

Too bad Discourse don’t allow it