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Forum rolled back to backup (1 day lost)


We had a complex issue we should’ve fixed 2 years ago, but we did it today. Anddd then the forum was gone.

So, we restored a backup - 1 day lost :confused: but at least it’s back! :sunny: Woot for backups.

Sorry about that O_o it’s the first time we’ve had to do this.

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Unseen must have converted a timesnatcher

Keep an eye out for chronomancer claims




What is the complex issue tho .-.




…why u do dis



Rest in peace Dustpan Deception + uCreate.


eevee’s games are immune to timesnatching :’)


Does this mean the Devs have the ability to control time?

Xblade confirmed Timesnatcher

/Vote XBlade


Rip backup for fol 18


I think it’s a daddy issue


rip Spirited Hallows being ressurected



Just a back-end architecture setup. It was lazily efficiently setup and we were running out of space :stuck_out_tongue: and php didn’t work because of our setup - and to fix it, we had to reinstall things… which domino-broke everything.

All is working, now :tada:


Thanos did nothing wrong


Bite za dusto