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Forum of Lies - New Player Guide


Sometimes looks like this



Ngl you are the person we need to make sure we don’t go crazy mislynching, but we never listen to you for advice on who to lynch

Wait I said this wrong


Hehe I will change my identity now


Whose that other Htm?


Awww, but shipping is soo fun… :frowning:


By the way this was my Top 10 Policy Lynches from 10(Most Common) to 1(Least Common):

  1. Person who is crying in corner.
  2. Hosts
  3. Spectators
  4. Scummy players
  5. Inactives
  6. VI’s
  7. “Caught” by Meta read.
  8. Memers
  9. First RVS Bandwagon
  10. King

Happy? As I said I’m not using my list but have fun with it if you need it. :woman_shrugging:


Why is the scummy player 4th?


Because reasons. :eyes:


I think you meant sheeping.
Or am I wrong.


Is that so? :thinking:


Always Policy Lynch Memesky



Already done it.



Ashe, how did you do that.
I want to know how to do that.


/vote HTM :sheep:


No she meant shipping <3 Starco 4 lyfe


I’m bored so I’ll make posters too.


5 minutes on google then 5 minutes in paint :^)


tfw no hotlinking :^)
I’ll edit in a working version for you


You can’t see it?