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Forum of Lies - Neutral Killer Competition


Wait what?
Um, Luxy, the game’s still going.


I was refering to Marcus’s fakeclaim


How can you tell a class is broken from a fake-claim, though?


Cause of what happened.




/pre in whatever the hell is accepting pre-in




I would type more with a better medium, but I definitely think there were better entries. I don’t think the core mechanic adds much to the overall game and the possible openwolfing aspect is lame. It’s also really lame to have to die, just because you are a phylactery holder. This is different from being a scorned target. Now you actually have to die to win for your faction. Entries like the count or the archduke had a wayyy more interesting core. (or my own)

congratulations to Alice though


The class seems fine but we can’t just have any peasant Lich as the new NK, lets change it to Kel’Thuzad, and it needs to have a proper class type because “Killer” is not good enough for him so I propose the following rename:

Kel’Thuzad :shield:

Neutral, Archlich of Naxxramas, esteemed Lich Lord of the Plaguelands, Commander of the Dread Necropolis, Master and Founder of the Cult of the Damned, formerly of the Council of Six, Creator of the Abomination, Summoner of Archimonde the Defiler, Betrayer of Humanity, Hearthstone Enthusiast, and Majordomo to the Lich King
Phylactery (Passive) - At the beginning of the game, two players are randomly designated as the Lich’s Phylactery Holders. The Lich will know who they are, as well as their starting classes, and will be night immune while at least one of them lives. If both of them die, the Lich will die the following night. Investigations against the Phylactery Holders will also yield the additional message “You feel a chill surrounding the target player. They are a Phylactery Holder for The Lich.”
Undeath (Passive) - As long as the Phylactery Holders are alive, at the start of every night the Lich will automatically revive themselves if they are dead, regardless of how they died.
Spectral Mist (Day) - A target Phylactery Holder is healed tonight. - 3 uses
Black Fog (Day) - Attempts to investigate either of the Phylactery Holders will fail tonight. - 3 uses
Finger of Decay (Night) - Kill a player. If you were revived at the start of the night, then this attack bypasses night immunity and healing. - Infinite uses
Death’s Curtains (Night) - Kill one of your Phylactery holders (bypasses night immunity and healing), and two other targets. - Infinite uses, but only usable while you have two Phylactery Holders alive
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.


Minions, Servants, Soldiers of the Cold Dark… Obey the call of Kel’thuzad!


How about no?


and by that, i mean go confirm your pre-ins


Dont tell them why I voted for ir


I did some shit to test how the program works

> # The Witcher :shield:
> Neutral Killer
Useful Minimap (Passive) - Know who all other killers are at the start of the game
Quen (Passive) - One-time night immunity. Refreshes every 3 nights.
Axii (Day) - Makes a player follow your vote - Infinite uses
Yrden (Day) - Adds a hour delay to every day ability used this day - 3 uses
Igni (Night) - Kill two adjacent players. You will gain night immunity. Refreshes every three nights. - Infinite uses
Aard (Night) - Kill all players visiting you. Refreshes every three nights. - 1 use
Your objective is to defeat one of the three main factions, chosen at random, all killers and the Inquisitor.





Too late lol


ah rip


Confirmation of 1-2 possible targets you need to hit at the beginning of the game is not a good thing. (Prince, Assassin). Even if it is towards your wincon, having the information there is not fun. It just becomes “please dont hit hunter”

Incredibly weak compared to other NKs but it’s worth it for the other passive. Overall buff it to 1 night and remove the other passive. The way to find killers is now below.

Way too confirmable and it ruins fol speed.
Replace this with a Killer class finder.

Not a straight up killer finder.
Maybe select a unlimited amount of players and see if any of them are killers?

Also horrible. Slowing game pacing is not good.
Remove or replace this with something else that fits FoL’s pace

I’m overall fine with this.

At first questionable but Demon’s Haemo would be buffed through this so yeah.
(Demon is weak rn tbh)

Boooooo. RNG.
I’m a sucker for RNG but it makes the game really swingy when the NK is inconsistent with who they are siding with.

Inquisitor is not in FoL and I thinks its sorta useless to include inq here. Inq does not need a hardcounter.


It was a joke class I made to test the classmaker, it isn’t intended to be balanced


ah okay. I’m just putting my stuff in to make it more legit.