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Forum of Lies - Neutral Killer Competition


but you are awake :megathonk:


can’t wake up




Let me help you, pal.



omae wa sudeni nemutte iru




Oh no you don’t Ashe.
You don’t fuck with the Shkreli.


the law already did


yeah i’ll fucking hike your medicine princes up by 1000%




the number of games I’m in has dropped considerably


/Pre In






Millers aren’t bastard :thinking: especially when these millers help you find who the holders are




Sad mine didn’t get in. But happy that a new NK was added at all


I mean, you are welcome to vote up the Lich all you want

But it’s just going to be waking you up for morning tea the next day if you don’t find the holders first


Let’s not forget getting jailed forever is fate worse than death and rise again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very broken as we saw in infection.

Needs to die to lynching