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Forum of Lies - Neutral Killer Competition


Except that the Lich would have to generate associative reads to protect their own Phylactery Holders. It’s far better than the Revenant as you can actually generate reads from them.

If you openwolf as a Lich then you can still be repeatedly occupied. It’s not as bad as the Revenant was in that department.


I know it’s better then spirtualist


That is a bad idea.

Prince or Physician always showing as suspicious is a huge penalty to town because holders exist.


That’s just bastard tbh.


As it is holders have to be town or Lich is 100% guaranteed to lose unless they kill their own phylactery holder.


The new lich was posted in the fol changes thread btw :wink:


Lol where’s that?



I beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue:





it’s a random screenshot i got from a website that had it at the top



And can vote, be voted.


it also has other sage advice like “beware the vampire hydra” :^)


Who is doing hydra game?


Myself + Ashe will be vampire hydra hosting it :^)


Can I pre in?


drop the signups mah dood


after i wake up