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Forum of Lies - Neutral Killer Competition


nah, Ashe and I are having a good time cutting open the undead monstrosity and getting it ready to go :^) thanks for the offer though


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Now i have an urge to play Kel thuzad in HotS


It’s worse cause instead of predicting who they would choose it’s simply RNG. Make it so you choose


Marl and Celeste.
Every time.


Im for picking your Host actually. I dislike RNG mechanics


Celeste would be good target phylactery target

Marl im not sold on tbh, unless you know for sure he can live for a while.


What are you talking about? Marl literally gets all the protectives he only dies in games without protectives




That has no PRS get out of here


I see no mountains here


Eet was a jook.


Marl is the hive of Invest Checks aswell. I still find it risky imo, because if hes scum, there goes one Phylactery :man_shrugging:


He can prevent investigatives


Remember, this is my opinon on it.


Unsurprised to see the Lich winning this contest. Congrats, @Alice

Looks interesting. We do need a way to know if a holder is dead or not. Maybe add "They were also a Phylactery Holder" to death notifications?

It’s definitely a fairer Revenant, especially since the Lich is not occupy immune.


Ehh, i would kill then protect though. You need the game to be fast, or you are screwed as Lich. Math is right, that Death Shroud kinda has no use, because i would rather kill then protect my target every night.


Make all of them show guilty to investigative checks/killer offensive.

Add more ways to find them


Also if you are lynched it has the problem of spamming chat, and then it takes away all the gameplay of scum hunting as no one will listen to you if you are outted NK.

It’s fine just there’s some problems


I mean, i think it needs some changes for sure. We will see how it looks after the Mods balance the Lich out.