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Forum of Lies - Neutral Killer Competition


Lich has no reason to ever use Death’s Curtain.


Well, I supposed that Prince should pierce Lich’s never-dying-passive.


Im fine with it tbh. Its like CW and Chrono, you gotta predict who is most likely going to be night Vigged, and properly tryo to figure out who would be the best host of your phylactery.


Lich doesn’t pick its RNG


Why is that? Keeping your holders alive is very important.


Well… shit

I kinda would like to have it so we can pick it, but i feel like it would be another revenant situation all over again potentially. just my opinon.


The moment BD find either Phylactery Holder they’re screwed though.


Honestly, i see it as a way to fake claim a support class, like Chrono or phys.


Is it strange for an NK to have at best 1 KPN?


Because lich has no way of knowing or finding out when their holders would die or be investigated. By the time they find it out it’s too late. So they are better off just always killing.


Not unless they flip with a phylactery. And that’s just one of them they still have one more.


A bad way because they can’t protect anyone else.


To be a viable fake claim it would have to go to who they pick or everyone.


I’m with MathBlade here

It does seem a lot like Revenant


Add Prince ignored undeath
Each res consumes a phylactery
Let heal go to other people in the Lich’s control
Kill can’t be redirected or occupied (other things can)

Then maybe this works. And would need a minor buff.


Otherwise it’s a boosted merc who can kill and wants to carry rng’d player X and Y to end game


And if one or more is scum they auto lose.

Because then they can’t complete their wincon as the moment they kill all infected they could die


Which means the Lich knows two town players at the start.


We’re working on tweaking it to fix issues, changes will be out with the rest of them asap


If you want send it my way I enjoy breaking classes