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Forum of Lies - Neutral Killer Competition


Also if the targets are MM and assassin unseen is basically screwed as they are already at a Insta loss as they can’t kill the NK unless they both died


They’re gonna balance that.


Okay so when’s the hydra btw


Oh I don’ fuckin’ know.


after another couple balance changes :wink:
and yes, the balance change we’re adding to lich is an additional way to find phylactery holders so it doesn’t become an issue like revenant




When are the balance changes going to come out then :thinking:


Can it be through day discussion because if it’s investigation-only killing Investigatives gives the same Revenant endgame


I see no reason why it can’t be both


or a mixture of both rather


I was kinda joking because how the heck do you add a mechanic that allows you to determine this through talking

But my point is that if it’s only possible through investigatives and bad luck or a coordinated effort leave everybody but the Lich themself unaware of the hosts by the time all investigatives are dead, we’re back in Recenant endgame territory


Congrats Alice!


With the exception that there are ways to impede and hinder the Lich
An outed Lich can’t ever win really


Unless it’s super late game when they are found, in which case they likely deserve to win anyway lul


Rest in Pepperoni Druid.

Never forgetti.


Bury for everi


I haven’t thought about this kinda stuff at all yet - fill me in :stuck_out_tongue:


grats alice


Uhmmm an outed lich never dies and can nightkill forever.

The prince has to be tied up on them entirely to stop the nightkills.

If they out then they lose all occupy redirect immunity maybe

Or if they die they lose a phylactery


It’s literally if they RNG the right or wrong player or role they win or lose and nothing stops them.