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Forum of Lies - Neutral Killer Competition


The Widow

Neutral Killer
In The Veins (Passive) - Immune to death, occupation, and bleeding
Paralyzing Bite (Day) - The person you attack with any ability tonight will see your name, however their logs and class aren’t shown to anybody and they die as if you were using Lethal Bite - 2 uses
Poisonious bite (Night) - Attack a player, they will die in 1 night. - Infinite uses
Lethal Bite (Night) - Attack a player, they will die that night - 3 uses

another old class i made lel


The Trickster :shield:

Neutral Killer
Quiet Steps (Passive) - You cannot be seen, killed, occupied or redirected at night.
Prepared (Passive) - Immune to poison and bleeding.
Write Log (Day) - Write a replacement log for whoever you kill tonight. You will burn their original log tonight, and replace it with the replacement log, if your kill target dies. - Infinite uses
Disguise yourself (Day) - Choose a disguise(class) you will look as for investigators and upon death. - Infinite uses
Kill and Disguise (Night) - Kill your target and let it flip as your chosen class. You will know their real class. - Infinite uses
Well Planned Murder (Night) - Kill your target, bypassing every form of protection. Your current disguise expires. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.

This has some similarities with the Infiltrator, but it is focused on making class and log information very doubtful.


That feeling when the real game makes your NK suggestion into a BD support class probably necessitating a whole thematic overhaul.


The Mind Flayer :shield: :crossed_swords:

Neutral Killer
Insanity (Passive) - You are immune to death at night, occupation and redirection.
Mindstorm (Passive) - Once per night you may guess a player’s class. If you are correct you will attack them, bypassing death immunity. You will gain a one-night buff depending on who you kill with this passive. This passive will be disabled if you guess incorrectly twice. Cannot Target the King.
Insight (Day) - Gain a clue to your target’s class type. You receive the same results as princess. [4 Uses]
Mind Read (Day) - You will see who your target visits tonight. [4 Uses]
Brain Destruction (Night) - Kill a player. You will be able to choose who they target tonight, bypassing redirection immunity. [Infinite Uses]
Whispers of Insanity (Night) - Cause a player to commit suicide, destroying their logs and allowing you to determine what they flip as the next day. You will receive their real class and their logs. [1 Use]
Possible Buffs Gained:

  • Killer: Gain an addition use of Whispers of Insanity.
  • Offensive: You will occupy everyone visiting you, bypassing occupy immunity.
  • Support: You will heal yourself tomorrow night, curing infection and bleed.
  • Social: You will be guaranteed to visit your target.
  • Investigative: All uses of Insight and Mind Read will be replenished. Your visits will be hidden from Investigators.
  • Special: You will appear as the class of your choice to investigators.

Goal: Destroy both the major factions and any neutrals who may stand in your way.


The Inventor :shield:

Neutral Killer
Geared Up (Passive) - You are immune to redirection, occupation, and death at night.
Overtime (Day) - Construction will give you two uses of Unleash tonight. - 2 uses
Construction (Night) - Create a bot and gain a use of Unleash. - Infinite uses
Unleash (Night) - Unleash a bot to attack a player bypassing healing. (The attack won’t count as a visit) - 0 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult, and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.


Gonna put this class here. Its a remake from an old concept I posted. Its WIFOM: the class.

The False Prophet :shield:

Neutral Killer
Voice of Fate (Passive) - Immune to death at night, redirection and occupation.
Prophecy of Death (Day) - Select a player. Announce to the court that they will die tonight (can be healed and won’t kill death immune players). Doesn’t count as a visit. Can target yourself. - Unlimited uses.
Prophecy of War (Day) - Select a player. Announce to said player that they will die if they leave their room tonight, bypassing everything. Doesn’t count as a visit. - Unlimited uses.
Carrier of Ruin (Night) - Select a player. Occupy them and secretly force them to attack whoever they attempt to visit. - Unlimited uses.
False Prophecy (Night) - Reverse the effects of tonight’s prophecy. Prophecy of Death will kill everyone that visits the target and Prophecy of War will kill the player if they don’t leave their room. - 3 uses.
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult, and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.


Passive is updated


The Psycho :shield:
Neutral Killer
Eldritch Empowerment (Passive) - Immune to death at night.
Bloodlust (Passive) - When jailed, gain a night ability that will allow you to kill the Prince.
Unnerving Presence (Day) - Players will be prevented from visiting you at night. - 2 uses
The Whispers (Day) - Your next attack will bypass night immunity. Only usable on D4 onwards. - 1 use
Cannibalize (Night) - Attack a player. You will appear as their class to investigative results tonight. - Infinite uses
Rampage (Night) - Attack two players. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.


2 ideas.

The Being

Neutral Killer
Corporeality (Passive) - Death and Occupation Immune.
Shift (Day) - Change your form, switching your night abilities. (Choose from the Being, The Nightmare or the Abomination) Infinite uses, 1 day cooldown.
Consume (Night) - Attack a player, causing you to look non-suspicious to investigators. Infinite Uses
Mutilate (Night) - Attack a player. Whoever visits you, you can attack them with the next Mutilate. 2 uses.
Nightmare Night Abilities:
Insomnia (Night) - Attack a player, causing them to use their ability on themselves. Infinite Uses
Evil Eye (Night) - Mark a player, revealing their class and actions to you. They will die in 3 nights but will not be notified. 2 uses.

Abomination Night Abilities:

Screech (Night) - Attack 2 players. 1 use.
Blood Charge (Night) - Replenish all lost uses of all abilities, reset cooldowns but this one, activate any of your delayed kills, and kill anybody that visits you. Infinite uses , 2 day cooldown.

Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.

The Highwayman

Neutral Killer
Bounty (Passive) - You are a known criminal. As such, you have a bounty on your head, 10 gold to start. If you get a 25 gold bounty and die, your killer or hammerer will gain all their abilities back. If you are attacked, you lose 5 gold. If you lose all your gold, you die.
Dexterous (Passive) - Can use both day abilities.
Your Money or Your Life (Day) - Target a player. They will have a choice; visit your requested player and kill them, or be attacked tonight. You will gain 10 gold if a player is killed somehow by your abilities. Infinite Uses.
Bribe (Day) - Convert someone into a Lackey. They will not know who you are. You can only have 1 Lackey at a time, and they will expire after 1 day, reverting to their original class The only way to sustain a Lakcey is to use this ability again. Infinite Uses , costs 7 gold.
Black Market (Night) - Go to the Black Market, and choose a way to augment your abilities. Infinite Uses.
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.

The Lackey

Neutral Killer
Crime Ring (Passive) - You will be able to talk to the Highwayman at night, but you will not know his identity. You will retain passives on conversion.
Knife (Night)- Attack a player.
See the Highywayman win.


How tough are ya’?
Black Market Rules:
Only one purchase a night, pardner.
Only three purchases in total, pardner.
No more than one purchase on an ability, pardner.
No repeat purchases,pardner.
Theres a 5 gold entreance fee for the first time you come 'ere, pardner.
Purchases will only come into effect the morning after, pardner.

My swag:

Cold Blood Killer (Bounty Augmentation) - When you are attacked, you will gain 3 gold. Costs 5 gold.
Ka - Ching (Bounty Augmentation) - Gain 10 gold. Costs 0 gold.

Cheat the System (Dexterous Augmentation) - Buy another augmentation that will be applied this night, but it will cost 2 extra gold. Costs 0 gold. Does not count as a purchase.
Moneymaker (Dexterous Augmentation) - None of your abilties tomorrow will cost gold. Costs 10 gold.

Get a Job Done Right (Your Money or Your Life Augmentation) - You may silently kill a player instead of notifying them. Costs 5 gold.
Minor Setback (Your Money or Your Life Augmentation) - If a player refuses your request ,wishing to die but be able to choose who they visit that night, You will gain 10 gold instead of the usual 5. Costs 10 gold.

Minimum Wage (Bribe Augmentation) - Bribe only costs 3 gold a night. Costs 5 gold.
Recycle (Bribe Augmentation) - If you decide to not use your lackey anymore, Kill them and gain 3 gold. Costs 5 gold.

holy shit this is a mess
at least it was fun to make lol


The Treant
Neutral Killer
Cellular Regeneration (Passive): If the treant would die by any means except lynch or prince execute, he will instead heal himself through it and live. However, this passive can only be triggered once every 3 nights.
One With Nature (Passive): Immune to occupation, redirection, and bleeding. You will know the classes of spored players and cannot be visited by spored players. Attacks on spored players will bypass immunity and healing.
Root Wall (Day): Become immune to death and hide your visits tonight. [2 Uses, 1 night cooldown]
Spore Infection (Day): Infect a player with spores. [3 Uses, 1 night cooldown]
Strangle (Night): Strangle your victim with vines, killing them. This attack cannot be healed. [Infinite]
Spore Bomb (Night): Plant a spore bomb outside of your target’s room. When this target is visited, everyone visiting the target will get spored and will die in two nights, bypassing immunity. You may target yourself with this ability and you are immune to being spored. [3 Uses]

I feel like the theme is too close to druid but whatever, i just did this because I was bored

I might make spore bomb healable but then they die in one night instead?
Also might change first day ability to prevent visits on themselves and I might change the second day ability as well?


Neutral Killer

Fading (Passive) You will die at the end of night 3 killing someone will extend this with 1 day and night this passive is lost when you reunite with Daydream
Creature Of The Night (Passive) You are Occupy and Rederection immune. When you would die from something else then Fading you will respawn at the start of the night but you will die 2 night earlier from Fading when this is used. When you are reunited with Daydream you are death immune instead
Terrify (Day) Prevent a target player from talking today. - 3 uses
Haunt (Day) prevent a player from taking any action tonight when used you will die 1 day earlier from Fading -2 uses
Consume Dream (Night) Kill a target player cannot be prevented if this is used on Daydream then you are reunited with him- 1 use. This ability is replaced by Equalise when you are reunited with Daydream
Silent Strike (Night) Kill a target player- infinite uses
Equalise (Night) Kill 2 target players tonight if they are from different factions this bypasses Death Immunity.-3 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way

Neutral Support
Dreamer (Passive) Can only talking when accused for treason
Light of Hope (Passive) All visited towards you are prevented unless you are visited by the same player 2 nights in a row. You will die at the end of night 5. Whenever you heal or protect someone this is exented by one day and night.
Passing Down The Torch (Day) Target a player as long as he is alive it will count as if you were. Whenever this is used you will day 3 day sooner of Light of Hope-1 use can only be used if 7 or more players are left in the game
Day Dreaming (Day) Target a player you can talk to him privatly today but he cannot talk to the court today and use day abilities unless one of you is acussed of treason. -2 uses
Joy Is The Best Medicine (Night) Cure a target player from bleeding or poison tonight- 2 uses
Shielding Light (Night) Make a target player death immune 1 day cooldown -infinte uses
Goal: Survive
always spawns with Nightmare


The Demwir

Neutral Killer
Ominous (Passive) - Immune to death at night, bleeding, redirection, and occupation
Insidious (Passive) - Your attacks will bypass death immunity once Cult/Unseen are defeated
Deception (Day) - Select a player that will return to your room tonight instead, they will be investigated as the attacker in your place. You will be investigated as a class type of your choice and your visits will be hidden. - 3 uses
High-risk assassination (Night) - Attack a player through prevention and healing. However, you cannot use this ability the day you use Deception - 3 uses
Low-risk assassination (Night) - Attack a player - Unlimited uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.



The contest is now closed. Judging will proceed and we’ll update you on the winner in the next couple days


The winner will be announced tomorrow at 10 am CST.


The winner of the Neutral Killer competition is… @Alice !

The following killer has won.

The Lich will undergo a small balance change before implementation into FoL.

Congratulations to Alice either way!



:clap: :crown: :skull: :clap:
Good job Alice!


Somebody has to take Revenant’s place so who is better than his fellow from underworld?

Well, I’m not suprised. Either way congratulations @Alice! :cake: :fireworks:


So you going to give us some mechanical way to actually find their target or is it going to be RNG? Also hydra when