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Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition


Nope, can’t find it on OP what’s changed


And that’s it? :thinking:



Ah thank you, at least I am glad


The Deputy (Unofficial Class)

Blue Dragon Killer
Ambush (Night) - You will stand guard next to your door tonight, killing any visitors. Does not bypass death immunity - 2 uses
Duty First (Night) - You will guard your target and attack one random visitor. If they’re attacked, you will attack the Killer first. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to Eliminate the Unseen, The Cult, and any Neutrals who stand against you

I get the contest is over but this class should be brought back in my opinion just balanced a bit.


You still die if attacked by attacker, mostly will kill BD, cant kill MM, and would still be converted by the Cl killing him. Really bad


And Duty first doesnt give target immunity. Well, guard might


I didn’t make it, also I did say it would need balancing man

It’s from september 2017


It’s true :man_shrugging:


seems weirdly weak


it’s weird because it seems strong

but if you think about it. It seems weak in practice


It was an awful class and it’s better gone


that can explain why it seems weak tbh


We don’t need Crusader

It was immediately removed after its first game with good reason


Wait, Crusader was removed?


No Deputy was after one game

I wish Crusader was gone but there hasn’t been a significant balance update on ToS in over two years, and I don’t think anything in Coven has changed at all since release


Medusa killing neutral killers is stupid tbh


Coven in general is kinda stupid


Life in general is kinda stupid