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Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition


A nice way to make NK suffer


We didn’t say much about classes we didn’t like. We spend like 30 posts selecting the best submissions and then made like 300 posts to balance it. We’re only looking for one killer after all. It’s in the private normal FoL changes thread, so can’t really make it public.


Since you did ask for it, these are my personal thoughts on it.

Confirmable yikes.

Limits design space. Every original and next passive has to be considered with this ability in mind.

This has a lot going on, but it’s a very complicated class. Almost feels more like an offensive too.

Never to this.

Warlord is also quite complicated. Your classes were overall decent enough, but the unique aspects are mainly that it has a lot of clauses/limitations on specific things and no easy way to take those out while maintaining its identity. Most BD classes should just be a relatively “simple” design to me.

Some thematic things are also that probably just Lancer feel like it’d fit in flavor wise. A lot of this is just personal opinion though.

We tried to keep these things in mind when selecting:

Overall orientation/goal/direction of class (ex: Observer - visits checker, Physician - counter against bleeds and having a support)
Class dynamic with other BD killers (Prince needs to stay stronger)
Lynching needs to remain BD strongest killing arsenal (NK/MM need to largely remain directly immune except to Prince)
Skill ceiling
Lore wise needs to fit within the ToL universe (Martyr is a questionable naming and thus theming choice for instance)

(Probably would have been smarter to post that when posting the competition oh well.)


also Solic:

removes one-shot immunity piercing to instead remove immunity from up to three people at once on a constant basis


how dare my fellow judges rig the game against my flawless class by citing a rule that was there from the start :^)


Best thing is that if We would agree that no one else makes classes they would have added it to fol


Oh boy. Do me next! I love being judged!


He is taken for What I know


Ironically review Witness or i’ll put it in my next bastard game


It is still an extra step over jail exeing, it takes two nights and stays an indirect kill like Hunter/Knight, although one that is way more easily accessible. I realize the irony, but the Archer also has zero defensive/investigative/confirmable tools (except from multikilling or killing a death immune).

Also those are merely considerations. It’s so hard to make something that satisfies everything.


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is it even allowed to have a alt join ur own game




Why are you bumping a finished competition…?


Why are you being mean


Finished but no winner announced?


Frost read the thread :smile: