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Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition


‘by this ability’


Now I have to try to pitch joat past the council


You mean this? :smiley:


That still means on its second use there could also be confusion.

Being particular about wording is probably not too great, because then we’d have to rehaul probably 1/4th of the classes already out there. When in doubt ask a host.

But you’re right that we can change it here now. It should also be changed for the convert form too.


high IQ

I just rewrote the ability


Didn’t like the arctype before. Still don’t now. At least making mark the anti-immunity gives it some extra utility but it still just feels like a worse Knight in 9/10 situations


whats the final class?


It’s there


Oh woah cool


I can see

Interested to see how that works out


I answered this above



Oh nice

Yeah I like Archer

Hey can we see the thread where you judged all of us? Probably gonna say no XD

For some reason I really like the feeling of getting judged.


Honestly just look at Orange’s criticism for every role.
It’s a fairly decent indicator of what we thought




I had a 500 word essay on how terrible Ici’s idea was though

Keyword had


Ok class but not happy u chose one of oranges




And here I thought my Highwayman had a chance :frowning:
It’s probably because of the poor convert idea that I didn’t get a better rating.


Wait why


Can confirm

I like Highwayman a lot, but the convert not so much