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Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition


I give it a BruceWaynesParentsAreDead/10


It was my initial take on the cult alt for eagle shot. Since the bird-like theme would be preserved. It’s also in the name that it doesn’t count as a visit with blitz.



Dunno if I should be the one to break it to you

But a bat isn’t a bird


I know, but I mean it flies. It would fit well enough. It also has the whole blood theme thing going.


After he suggested it I suggested Batarang


Since orange already has a title, then what happens now?


Looking for actual thoughts on this re-wording of the BD ability, just making sure it covers the intentions of the ability


That’s the part where I don’t know.
Probably let him give the title change to someone of his choosing


I think when Solic wanted to host the title game, he would have just let him choose another title if he so wished


Or just let that part be, since 20 dollars plus having his class added when he already had made the class is enough of a reward and I don’t even know why you added it


If you fire an arrow at one of your marks tonight, remove all other marks. You will also shoot all players whose marks were removed by this ability



He’s allowed to change a mod title for a month


to whatever he wants


Cursed ideas




Geyde said allowed that means rules are rules and @orangeandblack5 should choose a mod obviously :wink:


I didn’t agree to that, so that’ll have to be your title on the line Geyde. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s hilarious
Why wouldn’t I allow it


Also it still has to abide by forum guidelines


Again, that still infers that the Archer could shoot all players whose marks were removed by, say, selecting themselves to remove all marks beforehand.