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Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition


I think its because the class plays as a backup assassin or a backup enforcer it has nothing unique to it which stands out to me but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a perfectly fine class.


What about the BD class though? Most frequently you’ll see that one.


Can I get a clarification on how exactly this works?


If you use multi shot and kill a BD does it still disable?


You attack all players with a mark, but don’t have the marks benefit of removing passive death immunity and you’ll have to reapply it if they don’t die. Also you can’t be redirected, since it’s their “hero” moment.


Yes, it will.


okay it’s a fine class that plays similarly to an arsonist


The more interesting thing the class will do is dissuade neutral claims


It says “any other player whose mark was removed” which infers one other player, not all?


any other player can be a plural too? It doesn’t necessarily imply that? :thinking: I actually had players there before at some point.


“all other players”

That would work


We made sure that marks do something instead of the previous version. Passive death immunity is (fairly sure) only present on scum classes, so scum on scum kills or later Knight/Archer kills can take advantage of it if they so choose to do so. Archer can also take the decision to go for the multikill instead of the slower burn.


Then why not just say “all players whose mark was removed” if that’s what it means, less confusion IMO

Also the description in its current state could be misconstrued to mean any player who was ever marked across the course of the game, even if you selected yourself or a player twice to remove the mark(s).


I don’t mind the class, just being nitpicky at the description element so there’s less confusion later down the line


This is why we should have waited with putting it in FoL changes (and I did classcards) Geyde


Logical thinking is dumb


Impulsiveness is the way to go


Multi-shot (Day) - If you fire an arrow at one of your marks tonight, remove all marks and attack all other players whose mark was removed by this ability. You are immune to redirection this night. (2 uses)


On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is Bat Blitz of a name btw.

This is very important.


Sounds very, uh

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