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Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition


Thanks to everyone submitting by the way! We appreciate the enthusiasm.


I always use that on the person my assassin is killing


I think a better idea is for the marked player to only be able to have those effects if you kill them yourself


I’ve battled with Solic for the better part of an hour.
He originally wanted Pin Down to be a day ability


how many uses


what would have been the other night Ability


Then you’ll have a bad time against a drunk/butler/CW possibly. And you also lose any deterrent from being able to deny healers.


It’s the ninja vs strongman scenario


i agree with solic depending on the answers


It didn’t have another night ability


You’re forgetting that it makes bleeding unhealable too.


Alright I’m siding with Geyde



I just realized that


Oh The more I think about it the more it seems fine. I think it targeting king is a no though


actually should be able to target king


I think the class is balanced but I personally dislike the abilities but there’s not much else you can give it


Why do you dislike it? :thinking: Multikilling is an archetype that we didn’t have yet. It takes a lot of skill and preparation too. It has a lot of meaningful decisionmaking and tradeoffs in using their abilities too.


That’s why if you kept the day abil version I told you to give it a cooldown if unseen killed a mark

But we swapped it to night


I don’t really know how to explain why I dislike it. There’s something off about the unseen class that makes me think instantly this is a terrible idea but at the same time I can’t find anything wrong with it. Maybe it’s my brain seeing something I can’t but w/e


@NuclearBurrito opinion?