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Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition


@orangeandblack5 If you don’t mind, could you possibly give an analysis on the new Firebrand?

You don’t have to since it’s judging time anyway.


Also @Geyde you might want to update this with the New Firebrand since I updated it before the time limit expired.


You might want to use the enchanter version I edited yesterday too


Remind me this weekend?

I have a busy week and already spent a long time on this all lol


Will do.


Comments in italics!


Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean no reviewing is being done.

Also I’m literally 24. :eyes:


I have info that says otherwise


I’m too mean to be an adult? :smile:


Just because I don’t see it doesn’t mean I didn’t literally just finish doing that and realized it took like nine hours

Are you guys really sacrificing your whole day today? lol ok


Submissions have been pouring in for more time than that and there is no need to actually give feedback on each submission, since for some it is quite easy to say how viable it is and what ideas of it are useful. And yes, I did spend some time this weekend on it.


I mean thanks for your work, but don’t backhand us in the same breath please.


Fair enough

I wouldn’t have because edits but to each their own :+1:


I’m not?


Kids just feels patronizing. That’s all




I say that literally all the time, to everybody, irl and online

Not at all targeted



I’m not quickly offended. How could you think that? How dare you!



He has millions of souls to boost his work