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Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition


Got to agree with orange on this one. BD killing to me should be a big risk big reward scenario which is why I think the protect aspect of the knight is lazy design.


Guarenteeing a kill on a threat to the overall game is objectively better than killing a random useless role that basically only votes, no?

With Commandeering, I admit, its more of an ability for my own laughter but, I also thought of night immunity, but disregarded it as too strong as it would allow basically the killing of every neutral and mastermind with a coordinated Knight or even an assassin claiming knight. However, it would also solve the “useless” knight problem in exchange for making itself partially useless when without a knight


Thats basically why i chose healing

because night immunity would easily be considered too strong, but I’ll take note of it and likely edit the ability to remove night immunity for two nights.


That’s not my point

My point is

If a Seneschal exists

It’s less likely that a Knight does, as you share the same slot when classes are rolled, so one of you must be Random Blue Dragon.

As a Knight is the only other BD class with any sort of targetable kill, this means that, if a Knight doesn’t spawn, your night ability is basically useless.

And, if a Knight does spawn, I question how you plan to coordinate with a Knight to pierce healing without also coordinating with a Physician to just get them to… not heal the person you want to kill?

Honestly buffing this ability to pierce immunity too exacerbates the swinginess of relying solely on a Knight to exist. I do not think that will help at all, I think the ability just needs to be replaced.


N o t e d

And can agree


Where is this class?


You are literally correct.

I kept it on it to show the “You keep this passive even if your class changes” type of way.

This information is useful and I will buff them.

So basically remove it and they can just select separate ones, also it would be useful since all previous marked players would die if they select Final Burn Out as a cult alt and wouldn’t need the target thing.

I’m going to fix the class and hopefully increase this score.

Going to ignore the Cavalry as it was a “Tired Wazza” class and not even I want to fix it.

I appreciate you doing this by the way. It helps a lot.


Also. I just realised this is a prize, I’m not even making the class’ for this, I’m just making them for fun.


@orangeandblack5 About the Climax of Mithras, I was thinking of first come, first serve. It does take good host to determine which player on precise time before anyone else and it shouldn’t be the physician all the time if that player ain’t too active and someone beat to it. So that might mean that the rupture player might get healed and potentially not killing the physician and does someone else. This might not change the perspective since no one except the observer would go there unless a knight can counter and take death and take the acolyte with them since it shows as attack (rip textwall)

Secondly, Essence Warrior may or may not try to attack the same target from what the assassin is going for since it’s pretty much their own will who they decide to attack, it does works as intended when Essence Warrior has killed one unique class beforehand so that kill will be guaranteed when both Assassin and Essence goes for one target when that target have death immunity or getting healed or guarded.




15 min until I don’t accept anything more


The Firebrand

Blue Dragon Killer
Cuts and Scars (Passive) - You are immune to bleeding, you will keep this passive even if your class changes.
Fire Thrower (Day) - Set a player on fire, they will die at the end of tonight. - 1 use.
Deathmark (Night) - Deathmark a player. - Infinite uses.
Final Burn Out (Night) - Kill all deathmarked players. - 1 use.
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult and any Neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converts into The Firebreather or The Acolyte
Cult Points: 1 - Each ability costs 1
(Fire Thrower) Mithras Burn (Day) - Set a player on fire, they will be informed to be bleeding, they will die tonight unless healed. - 1 use.
(Deathmark) Chosen (Night) - Select a player, they will be marked for the night. If they are attacked by any player, the attack can not be prevented. - 1 use.

The Firebreather

Unseen Support
Cuts and Scars (Passive) - You are immune to bleeding, you will keep this passive even if your class changes.
Arsonist Flames (Passive) - Once you become the Assassin, you will gain one extra use of Hidden Blade.
Feet of Fire (Day) - If target player attempts to use an action today, they will be prevented from doing so. - 2 uses.
Marksman (Night) - Deathmark a player, if they are attacked at any point in the game it will bypass immunity and healing. - 3 uses.
Flame Gas (Night) - All Investigators to the Unseen will see the Unseen as Princess, Butler and Firebrand depending on their class… - 1 use.
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

I’m thinking about adding Feet of Fire to Firebrand also but I don’t know.
Also planning on removing Fire Thrower from Firebrand as it’s just a buffed Hunter wolf.

What I changed:

  • Firebrand:
  • Cuts and Scars will now keep the passive if their class changes.
  • Deathmark now has infinite uses.
  • The Acolyte:
  • Removed 1 Cult Point
  • Removed Mithras’ Targets and swapped it with Chosen.
  • The Firebreather (Killer):
  • Just deleted it.
  • The Firebreather (Support):
  • Fixed Arsonist Flames to now say it will gain an extra use of Hidden Blade.
  • Buffed Marksman to make it bypass immunity and healing but can not be stopped by Knight Guard like Chosen can.
  • Buffed Flame Gas to now make the Unseen appear as certain classes. Mastermind = Princess. Assassin = Butler and Firebreather = Firebrand.


Updated Firebrand ^


Are we able to update our class after the 15mins is up?


Time is up!

Classes will be reviewed and a winner will be announced by tomorrow 2019-04-08T19:00:00Z.




Shhh, nothing to see


Kids please read my analysis

That’s literally not enough time to make a real decision unless it’s the only thing you do lmao

And I would know, I just analyzed all the submissions


Classes I Endorse

…even if I think they need a few changes

  • Ranger
  • Firebrand
  • Duelist
  • Warlord
  • Highwayman

Note this is entirely independent of the score I gave them (although I do have the top 3 because, well, they got those numbers for a reason).

I would also be sure to check what I say about all of these, as I do think some could be improved quite easily with one or more changes.

Thanks good night again


That’s classified information