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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


When did I even promote an early-game massclaim? I played incredibly passively this game because FoL7 and VFM16’s reroll stole all of my wim. In no way was I putting in even 50% effort to win, much less tryharding and forcing massclaims.


I did not imply you were doing that. I was just saying in general. Masscalming early-game is honestly just cheap.


How to prevent conversion?
Roleblocking and imprisoning the converters.

Maybe by talking more day 1 people could try and get better scumreads. It’s possible


Yeah sure but extremely unlikely

You would need to roleblock the conversion and bait or rb two seperate kills, if not more


Im sorry Im newbie lol


Honestly if you just jump to less conclusions you’ll do fine lol :+1:


The mass claim was bs, mostly because Dama and polik crumbled faster than the French in WWII


The mass claim tactic is less useful in games with a fool… if it tricks you.


Good scumreader will notice a fool is making scumslip far too easy.


Honestly I consider myself at half-decent at finding Fools, and even still the role is way too easy to win as

Especially since, if that good scumreader is Unseen or Cult, they can push that lynch hard