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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


Not BD beyond Night One anymore though, Sketch actually saved Orange from certain death.


I wasn’t attacked tho


I think this game showed why the automatic conversion into MM is a bad idea. I mean the graveyard was full of neutrals and evils and had only one BD on day 4, that was the day when BD had only a narrow majority. And also the first day of no succession. Without succession, the game would have been practically over for Unseen after the fast MM lynch. Which would have been deserved, the MM played bad.


also mass claims. please no more




Sorry @Moleland

I make you lose


What if the Mastermind can only be replaced once?


I mean we are desteoying unseen/cult balance kinda.

Unseen is meant to have limited spread and killing abilities.
Cult is meant to have unlimited spread (oldest cultist becomes CL),but much worse killing abilities.


So only one replacement and only for 3 days seems fine


You’re gonna respond with: Mass claiming said by scum, all you can convert special offer.


Nah massclaiming is still a p good idea tbh


Still, one lead who carries the mass claim will be enemy tomorrow coming not as BD power class (Prince, Sheriff/Paladin)



This ain’t ranked, I don’t get why you treat it like it’s an absolute competition to get a quick and fast win.

Mass claiming takes all fun out of the game and completely removes all point to having Classes that can investigate and whatever.

I bet you won’t survive FoL 9 without a mass claim.


lol Plex you underestimate my experience far too often

I have spent a ton of time playing Mafia games, including the card game, ToS, SC2 Mafia, EpicMafia, and Forum Mafia on like five different sites, including countless games where massclaiming has been literally impossible. While this doesn’t mean I’m good, you seem to imply a lot that I “just don’t know these things”. I do, I promise. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I mean when I say (with my trademark “this is humor” bad grammar) it’s still a “p good idea tbh”, I mean that it’s still a very effective tactic and something that can be limited. Any game without vanilla cits will inevitably trend towards massclaiming because it works. The game cannot be balanced and completely random without citizens, so even without a role list common sense and abilities make massclaims possible and very strong.

While I agree that massclaiming makes the game feel less fun overall, and prefer games with less power roles (mountainous can be a bit rote, but something with a cop, a doc, and a mafia factional roleblock can be quite fun), that doesn’t mean that we should just pretend that massclaiming isn’t inevitable in an all-pr game. When you have to be something, and as Town you have no reason to lie about what you are, eventually everybody is going to claim, and then abilities confirm you and you weed out the scum. Unless we deviate massively from ToL, that’s not likely to stop happening by the nature of the game itself.


I don’t care about your experience, I only care about how others experience the game. You’re one person among hundreds.


I am not excusing my own play.
But mass claim Day 2!??
This is getting freaking ridiculous.


Still though, this is a game of converting others. Mass claiming puts people at risk of being converted which means +1 for scum.

You said “Oh look perfect/flawless BD game, no BD in grave” and you were massively wrong. If you want a flawless BD game, try to play without any BD being converted. BD lost 2. One died and was brought back, granted, but they still died and Priest could easily have been converted to prevent that.

What I’m trying to say is, stop being such a try-hard with your Mass claim bullshit because it’s just not fun for others.

Speaking on behalf of the people who don’t want to say it or are too afraid to speak their opinions, Mass claiming just makes you look like a lazy ass try hard ranked player who seeks a high elo and supplement his own ego to go around claiming “I’ve played this game for blah years on this site and this game blah blah I know all about how to play and be skilled blah blah” and honestly, yes, your giant posts with your bragging is getting old and stale.

So, TL:DR please stop being a huge MrSmartyPants and play the game?


How tf do you prevent any BD from being converted in a conversion-centered game? like wut

Also what part of that was bragging? I’m responding to your repeated arguments implying that I have too little experience with these games to know anything with a factual statement explaining my time dedicated to Mafia-style games. I do not imply that this time makes me better than anyone else, or that I’m even good to begin with - in fact, I state just the opposite.

If, however, you are unable to respond to facts and logic pertaining to the very nature of the game we play with anything but ad hominem, as you have done, I think that says a lot more about you than it does about me.

None of your current criticisms of me are warranted, and I’m not convinced that they’re anything more than a petulent response to being told the truth about the game we play. Massclaims are inevitable. You can delay them, but eventually everybody will claim a class because not doing so will get you killed. And in a game balanced for power roles, you have far fewer mislynches to make before the scum win the game. This is a fact. Accept it and either keep playing because it’s still fun, or move to change the game itself as I have often done. But insulting those who you do not agree with does nothing positive for you and can only lead into a spiral of negativity.


Even so. There is a time and place for mass claims.

Early-game isn’t one of them.


Tryharding should not be condemned. People like to play games to win them. Winning feels better than losing. Joining a game to actively lose it is gamethrowing.

So I don’t understand this idea of “don’t do your best, but don’t gamethrow either. Just have fun and put in a medium amount of effort only, please.”