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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


Eh screw @Moleland

Nobody likes that guy anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


more and more veterans keep converted -_-


Honestly, had Hippo not used Vision on me, it would have been a buyable Maid claim. Don’t lie, you woulda ate it all up. Hippo was the person who convinced everyone I was Maid in the first place, only you knew my claim previous to that.


So it seems. Even though Im sure Frost should have died but meh, if that’s how bind soul is gonna work here, fine with me. This game was screwed by Dama cc Sheriff far too late, and the neutrals being awful


Had the alchemist survived, he might have voted Eevee.


FoL8: 3 Weeks
FoL7: 2 Months



Sure FoL7 last longer thanks to in-game days it took.

Meh, had worse with ToS.


FoL7 had so many immune players, a revenant, and a fool that got lynched.
It was a very long game.
FoL 8 was ultimatively a short game… probably because Unseen and Neutrals were constantly lynched and killed(except for one night). Even if an Evil King delayed things for a bit.


Mass claiming is boring and we should not do it in FoL 9 because it’s stupid and takes the purpose of using our night abilities away…

Though… you’re not going to want to do it with the new changes.


which changes do you mean?


seals lips


Finally a WIn. 1-5 is my record I think?


Mass claiming is boring, but Damas claim was bad. Had we avoided being lynched day 2, we would have been fine. Also neutrals were terrible this game


Neutrals weren’t terrible…

One died super early and the other got Mod Killed super early.


Only one was terrible.


Rogue was super passive and obvious, the MOD killed one was naughty and bad…


And the alchemist wanting the freelo got what he deserved




I’d rather get policy killed than killed randomly at night or lynched by BD.


You got killed at night by bored bd instead lel