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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)



Begone, you traitor!






o.0 what


Well, because I am prince and JammySplodge is queen, so we’re relatives in this game…right? :wink:

(I am forced to lynch my sister too -_-)


Meanwhile, Multiball game is going great.

Blue Dragons are losing their shade.








True, but it’s still not flawless victory.

I would be impressed with total BD win with no converted BD (Which Moleland and PokemonKidRyan happens to be)


One execute vote come on!


@Hippolytus @Kai_5


I exist.


I feel important. I revived BD and saved BD form death.



/execute I was sleeping sorry.


Majority has been reached on Jammy

Jammy has been executed, she was the Evil Queen

Congrats the Blue dragon and Serpent has won!


Serpent wanted me dead and my wisping made me lose. I guess you can say, typical luck, welcome back.

GGWP guys. You did really well. Shame it’s not quite flawless. Next time you need to prevent Plex from convincing the cute sister that she should join their cause :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean not quite flawless? No BD are in the graveyard, that’s flawless by my definition.


Your definition of flawless is flawed.


Moleland and PokemonKidRyan are converted, who are ‘technically’ dead as BD.

Overall, yeah we didn’t lose any more member at the end. The priest is mvp, I am mvp (somewhat).

But I am going to question your mastermind tactics, ThePlex.

Why would you ever go and walk into the will-o-wisp just to confirm yourself, just to consider without Vision-scenario.