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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)



Frost should jail and execute him

Lynch Jammy today


Isn’t Frost dead?


Right, he should have died


Also vote Jammz


/vote jammysplodge


Since Assassin’s nightshade description is fucked up as well fuck things turned out the way it did


Did Eevee not bind soul him?


I was revied soo


Please bold your votes

Unbolded votes kill goats or whatever


/vote jammy


Yes that confirms Eevee, I am alive for this day particular and welcome back from the dead Lymphoma.

/vote JammySplodge


Majority is 5, there are 4 vo- falls asleep


how could this happen to me

i made my mistakes

[insert the rest of the song]


No matter what

We are lynching you


Well we dont have to yet. We can lynch rogue and Jammy the next day.
/vote JammySplodge


Oh, ok, lynch me tomorrow :smiley:


well Frost will take care of you tonight if you are our enemy and not the Fool. If you are somehow BD or Fool then its game over when Jammy dies, I think.


Jammu is on the stand