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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


Frost, if they visit me, but my room is changed.
They were still visiting me, but they target Plex instead.
Actually think logically here. It’s not difficult


Do you now know how transportation works?

1 and 2 are transported
3 was visiting 1

As a result of the transportation all people who target 1 will now target 2 and vice versa. But will be seen visiting their original target
So 3 now visits 2 but is shown visiting 1

1 is me. 2 is Plex. 3 is Lymph.


I don’t need your explanation, I am telling why the second person who’s informed hasn’t decided to call out.


It was probably Rogue or Jammy? :man_shrugging:


Yeah. An inactive logically was the second one.
Or scum who wanted to keep it quiet and make me seem guilty


Yeah well, you didn’t even try to defend as BD.


You forgot that Hippolytus visits ThePlex, yes?

The result is Unseen faction, ThePlex switched PokemonKidRyan.

Is PKR converted?



Try to process what this means.


Vision isn’t classed as a Visit though :man_shrugging:


Visioned, whatever.

Doesn’t matter.


lol yet you’ve executed him. Great job.

Thanks for the win though


You missed my point.

He’s seen as Unseen.


My guess?

Convert > Vision

They probably put Vision after the Conversion, thus, PKR appeared as Unseen. Meaning, PKR is likely converted right now


*finger quotes: "I have swapsies pwetty princess.
Psychic is all like: ThePlex is unseeeeeeen!

So, let’s see it differently: PokemonKidRyan is Unseen, but he’s never converted. He had to be Initial Assassin turned Mastermind.

Well guess what? It doesn’t work that way, Unknown do know if mastermind visits PKR then he knows the missing person that is not you or Lymphoma is the mastermind.


Why am I even fighting this? I’ve already won…


If PKR does not flip as Duchess then no.


Plus Rogue can’t be that stupid to claim Electricutioner…so what, six neutrals now? That’s whole lot of bullshit.


I was confused by that whole charade tbh.


Why wasting nightshade and then try to kill me?

And consider this: If PKR does not flip as Duchess, the converted Princess.

Then you’re on trouble there.


Yeah, if PKR is princess then psychic is lying. Psychic used PA tho. Your point?