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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


Think I’ll do both :wink:


Who did you swap PKR with?


Himself >_>




He swapped me with him.
So the Wisp shown the people who visited me originally, ending up targeting Plex


Is that how it works?

People still visit you but the targetted abilities hit me?


Do you transport, bro?

No seriously, you know exactly how this works.


I believe so.
Would make most sense.
I mean you were attacked and Lymph was probably going to attack me


I thought that Swapsies made them visit me, and not PKR…

This actually makes more sense


Nah, your defense still has a flaw.


Which means they saw Lymph targeting Plex.
Plex was attacked and all so…
Doesn’t take a genius to work this out.

Also, if Lymph is innocent it proves that Unknown lied


It doesn’t matter what I say :rofl:
PKR is executed for treason : I win!

Frostyknickers executes me in jail : I still win!
Tomorrow, you still have to find scum.

Rogue is your best bet for Mastermind tbh.


You can’t have pre-converted unseen as your target.

End of case.


Then PKR would still be Princess right now, no?


Pre-converted unseen means first unseen from the start.


I wisped Frost. I’m obviously not MM. I have had to be princess. Be logical here >_>


lol PKR…

Just lol…

It only works on yourself.


The Wisp works on my room.
I was “transported” and Plex was in my room in the end. Meaning they saw who visited Plex


Will-o-wisp (Night) - Learn the names of everyone who visits you tonight, 2 random others shall also be informed - Infinite Uses

Also I am telling you, it’s impossible for unknown to be converted at the moment,


So let’s say Unknown is right, but who’s the other one…