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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


If PKR is the mastermind, there’s no will-o-wisp to begin with.



And you can’t change it now, the majority is already reached


Yeah :wink: It’s too late Eevee. Get destroyed.


So how about you tell us, who you swapped with?


PKR can’t flip MM, cause Serpent can’t have starting unseen as target.

He can at most flip assassin.


PKR is my target, and I’m pretty sure he’s converted. He claimed Mastermind to try to get off the stand so that he could kill tonight knowing you’d either jail me or Rogue and vote up me or Rogue.

Either way, PKR’s dead and I win! :grin:


Meh, still execute Plex.


Said for the 1000th time.

You get a reward for that though :lemon::cookie:


Meh, Plex, I see one scenario where it is possibleb but it still would need 5 neutrals to begin with.


I don’t see an official class list though :man_shrugging:


After FoL7 I doubt in 5 neutrals scenario :'D


No wait, Im even stupider.

You have to be MM. xD
One thing I noticed was incorrect. Oh well.


You found something incorrect? Do enlighten the rest of us who clearly don’t see what you see :eyes:


Yeah Plex, nice try, but it’s technicly impossible for you to be Serpent.I tried to find a scenario, but only one I found was incorrect after deeper thought.



We’ll see about that :wink:


Ummm, in ToL normally majority can be changed until trial ends.
FoL is supposed to be close to ToL. So couldn’t votes change unless a mod locks them in (ending the trial)


Yeah, we will see.

There is technicly no way for you to be serpent.




Tell me more about how not Serpent I am so I can laugh at you later :wink:


Laugh at me now, you wont be able to do it later