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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


Worth it for sure


@orangeandblack5 There’s obvious one flaw:

Rogue had to be pre-converted Assassin turned Mastermind, ThePlex is just bullshitting us who real target is, he’s so focused on Rogue earlier it shouldn’t be remotely possible.


I’m just gonna leave the thread now :smiley: Frost, I ain’t even gonna bother replying to your Princely message, just execute me please :3 :lemon:Later Lemons!


I know

I’m saying Hippo’s visions would make sense

Nothing more lol


So whatever, ThePlex.

You going down.


I agree, Plex is saying bs.

I mean Serpent can have only BD as initial target and swap obly with his target.

That would make him imposible to swap Rouge and swap PKR.

And if he didnt swap rouge, then I dont get the neutral vision on him.

Ergo - Plex is Unseen imo.


You clearly haven’t read a single word I said :rofl:


And no orange, they wouldnt make sense.

He cant visit both PKR and Rouge as serpent.
If he is serpent then Unknown was lying about wisp OR Rouge is really 5th neutral.


Serpent - Target: PKR

N1. Jailed
N2. Swapped + Occupied
N3. Swapped + Attacked

By the way, his name is Rogue you :lemon:


Last night, I’m guessing Rogue attempted to Convert me, thinking I was Maid doing a Royal check on PKR (because it’d be a decent cover for an Unseen) but instead, he converted PKR. Lymphoma attacked PKR but in turn, hit me instead, because I got told I was attacked.

Eevee, read.


You always gonna be rude to people who try to solve a game?

Actualy since Unknown claims that he saw PKR wisping with you and Lymph visiting, that won’t add up, cause he was swapled and Lymph went to PKR.

So either you are unseen or we have 5 neutrals AND Unknown was lying about wisp AMD pkr will flip princess then.


I wasn’t informed for the will-o-wisp.


Nothing rude about telling you to read is there? Because you obviously didn’t :rofl:


No, you are wrong by wisp result. Lymph and you visited PKR.

If PKR is assassin, you are confirmed MM.
Unless he was converted earlier and Unknown is lying about wisping.


Unknown at first said: Plex visited PKR

Then, later on decided to say: Lymph visited PKR

Go ahead and solve the game then :wink:


So tell me where am I wrong?


Nah, I’ll leave it to you to solve the game Mr Eevee!


He said it one post …


You gotta ask yourself.

We all knew that Lymphoma was going to Cold Steel PKR and we all knew that I was going to check PKR.

It was public knowledge. Notice how NOBODY else has a wisp notification? We’re going off of Unknowns word right now :wink:

I know you’re gonna trust him, because I’ve claimed a Neutral Class above a Court Wizard claim.

But like I said, Frostwolf will execute me tonight and you’ll all have another day of trying to workout who scum is :wink:


Okay, Im officialy stupid. PKR will flip princess