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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


Ahhhh, this is nice.
Thanks everyone for voting me.
Good luck


0% Winrate

Oh boy


Orange why did you like that post you fricking frick


Figured you’d probably unvote if I voted PKR tbf


Yeah riiiight, as if I let ThePlex live any longer.


It ain’t over yet

MM is still at large

But at least we know that they’re somebody who wasn’t RB’d nights 1 and 3


Again, that’s fine! Execute me for peace of mind :grin:


Because I relate


I can’t decide fate but at least I can attempt to finger a BD tomorrow


Don’t quote me on that


Yeah whatever


Finger me



To be fair, it doesn’t make sense for Unknown to be mastermind now, he even occupied NozBugz, both Lymphoma and I got poisoned.


So is it Eevee or Rogue lol

Probs Eevee?


ThePlex can’t just stop being salty, kek.


Rogue could easily be Mastermind tbh, probably tried to convert me but instead got PKR due to swapsies. Unknown is probably Fool?





How am I even remotely salty? :rofl: I’ve won you sausage!


I’d say it makes sense for Rogue to be MM and Plex to be his Serpent

That certainly explains Hippo’s visions

But then Plex is just throwing away any chance at a win rn


I’ve already won, 7/8 votes on PKR :man_shrugging: