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Forum of lies 8 (BD & Serpent win)


Still jail and execute Plex tbh

But if PKR is MM, it has to be Unknown

Rogue must be Neutral via Hippo, who saw Plex on the swap I guess


If he’s Assassin idfk


Yes, I don’t mind being executed if it means you guys can win your end of the game :grin: I’m just glad I got my win out of the way.


Wait what is happening right now


In that case, thanks @JammySplodge

You helped the BD a lot there


You actually just played yourself


I are a very confused Queem


You just inno’d a non-Unseen, forcing us to lynch a real Unseen instead.


I’m Serpent, my target was actually PKR, I said it was Rogue 'cause I didn’t think these lemons wouldn’t hang a “confirmed” Princess but it turns out PKR was probably converted after all?

The only reason they saw me visit PKR was because I swapped him and Lymph incidentally hit me when he died.




This is why evil king sucks balls


Notice how nobody saw Lymph visit PKR? ;D


Unknown said he did


You can’t really do shit and don’t even know your evil buds


He said he saw me visit lol


Which is why he must be scum at this point


He said Lymph did as well


Damafaud is former mastermind, he converted Moleland the knight. After Damafaud gets lynched, moleland become new assassin as the initial Assassin become new mastermind, so if Unknown is Assassin, why did he say he tried to ‘convert’ me Night 2?



Hmmmm tru


My actual night result last night:

You were attacked but you are Immune at night.