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Forum of Lies 17 - Unseen and Warlock Victory!


Wait did you kill Alice too


Second Night, and yep.


I was going to charge fk N2 to take both experienced players out


So I didn’t kill anyone lmao


I feel you, Hjasik.

Flashback to Xed II


Electro is extremely weak against healers they need to fix that


But it does bypass immunity no?


Healing doesn’t equal immunity




I don’t even have protection from bleed


Yeah electro bro sucks major dick


Give it another day ability that maybe us an investigative one or a occupation one


Why do I get UP NK like in echoes 2 where I died to knight guard as NK


Electro is even worse before the buff.

I will tell you it is a pain in the butt to play him.


@livicus you want to give a co host rant?


Well I think the castle is on fire when I left, told you things will change if I am not around or died


At serious note, I had IRL issues to sort out


When does dustpan start


Being honest

BD just did not play well, and Unseen would have suffered had Hjasik not obliterated a fair amount of players at the opoortune time


I didn’t kill a single player