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Forum of Lies 17 - Unseen and Warlock Victory!


cause they weren’t obvious all knowing spectator


We thought celeste was the prince


wait you aren’t a spectator


What’s dead chat?


I’m wasn’t linked to that.

But was spec. Sam made some prince plays.


Also screw insanity not saying if they used carnage or not


It’s not good when NK is the only one trying to stop mislynch


I didn’t, I used detect thought on Hjasik D1.


@Marluxion where’s the mod rant?


These posts reeked of Prince the most, along with their macro question asking schtick.


They do that every game

You are suffering from confirmation bias, or rather knowing sam is prince


Real logs
N1 charge Alice
D2 discharge
N2 jailed
N3 no action forgot


That’s not how discharge works


Yes so I didn’t discharge last day



I need this for the folder


Fixed it


That is why I claimed Princess.


also Isaac literally “slipping” caused BD the game as well


BD didnt do anything we should have left alice alive


also Isaac doing that is why we need blacklists.

That was just bad