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Forum of Lies 17 - Unseen and Warlock Victory!


I really did




I can add you to DM if you want


Thanks for the convert @Firekitten


I feel bad for the fool but I needed to make sure we 100% have a chance of winning


and it’s 1:05 am right now…,and I don’t feel tired


Insanity was the only scum lynch. THE ONLY ONE. dontcounttheelectro


tbf that sheriff lynch shouldn’t have happened and people are sheep


If ici stayed in the game I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened


That was basically this game in a nutshell.


Apparently I was the first poacher in the history of fol


“Let’s poison the king”
“Hey I want to as well”

Why the heck did both do it


Also @Sam17z I commend you. Even though I was only converted the night before :wink:


Hey luxy wanna form a town bloc?




The sick double DN

But seriously that play made no sense considering they weren’t suspicious of each other.


I simply asked for it lol.
I blame captain more for doing it when someone already did it AND only did it cause they were getting suspected


I so wanted to bus firekitten for the lolz


Luxy you can’t bus a deep Cat. You got executed for thinking about it.


Why didn’t Baz hit the obvious prince when doubling?