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Forum of Lies 17 - Unseen and Warlock Victory!


Baz I’ll praise you


I don’t want unseen to win though


praising though


I know hjasik is your assassin


/vote hjasik


:clap: ayy


Hjasik is now on trial. It will last 12 hours unless ended early by decide fate.


@H_Hjasik any last words?


/Decide Fate Execute
Sorry Impatient lol


The King has decided Hjasik will be executed. Hjasik was…

The Electromancer (Unofficial Class) :shield:

Neutral Killer
Static Shield (Passive) - You are immune to death at night.
Discharge (Day) - If you are still alive at the end of the night, all charged players will be killed (Bypasses death immunity). - Infinite uses, 2 day cooldown
Charge (Night) - Apply a static charge to a player. Anyone they visit tonight will also become charged, and you will know who they are. You cannot charge yourself. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.

With Hjasik’s execution, I will declare…

The Unseen, @Luxy @Firekitten and @bazingaboy

In addition to the Warlock, @Insanity

Are victorious!



So where’s the mod rant?


Yay, I did nothing to win again.




And the expected result.

Freakin Deepcat.




Rate me :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Congratulation, you did nothing again, Insanity.
  • You didn’t deserve this lol

0 voters


2 BD suicided just cause I asked, why are butlers so butlers.


The CS on Ici was absolutely disgusting.


Rip me cuz of no action


I don’t believe in no actions mr electro