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Forum of Lies 17 - Unseen and Warlock Victory!




i’m bleeding

i win today or not at all




I feel so bad but at the same time if you win I have a chance of losing.

morals why you do this


you have chance of losing now too


we can fast vote you


Significantly lower chance of losing then if they win


but if you force exe I will be thankful for you letting neut win


Hjaisk what NK are you


Hjaisk is probably electro tbh.



@Sam17z if he is electro you lose as well


yeah Hjaisk I dunno about dat DF executing because of you having a chance of being electro


Yep I am electro


You don’t even claim what NK you are


I just did


@Sam17z we both lose if he’s electro


now we just got to wait 12 hours for Baz to actually show up and hope he’s on in 12 hours


Hate myself for losing this cuz of forgetting to send action .-.


that is false there’s no way you forgot


I forgot