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Forum of Lies 17 - Unseen and Warlock Victory!


Let firekitten force exe this. Don’t execute this let firekitten choose whether boopy wins or not


I thought Celeste was actually prince so I stabbed them.

I thought Hjasik was sheriff


Or boopy can win later win me and you


Nah, we are pardoning.


Hjasik was maid claim. Yeah you like the Celeste fake message thoguh





since trials last 12 hours yay


Thought it was Alice at first


Oh I probs lost.


Which nk re you hjasik


Sam I’m proud of you exe luxy, was it cause of the bled?


I scum read luxy the whole game. And when I went through luxy’s ISO I was pretty sure they are scum. Luxy even gave me their games to compare tbh


They didn’t even have set logs either


we converted them the night before you executed them.

They were going to spike trap squid


I jailed scum 3 for 3 nights pretty proud of that tbh




what if I boopy and sam fast vote you if you pardon?


I cry.


well I may or may not side with you or prince


@Firekitten come here