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Forum of Lies 17 - Unseen and Warlock Victory!


but I’m not lol


no I know youre prince sam


Only reason you are alive is because you cced noz


not really


I got BD to massacre themselves lol


Actually sam Hjaisk is electro


Surprised you didn’t kill me earlier. Also I scum read luxy mad hard


also tommorow I will be kingmaker


The only reason we are in this game isn’t because I killed luxy


I thought Alice was prince.

My whole reaction test for observer was to clear people of being prince


You didn’t realize I was prince?


Hjaisk I’ll princess carry you forever


With the true follow I thought you knew I was prince


You force exe boopy or what?


Actually we wait for Baz, I don’t do anything and if this gets pardoned we vote up sam quick


We 100% win then


Me? Hjasik loses if I get voted up so does boopy. Only way boopy wins is to side with Hjasik and I


Sam can you grade my play tho


Solid. But once Marcus flipped sheriff I knew you were unseen


Why didn’t you kill me