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Forum of Lies 13 - Blue Dragon, Cowardly King, and Alchemist Win


It always hurts when hosting cause I wanna help my children but I can’t


You can help us by multiplying Hippo!


Tfw you confess because of Maid check but you were actually paired with a Cultists :cry:


Also Hippo’s response when outed to the Prince :smirk:


How many do u have???


Then what is he?


Wait Alts are allowed


Nope, alts aren’t allowed. :thinking:


Yep alts aren’t allowed.

Looks at hippo


Well I’m here, what did I miss…


Your mom




(filler because forums doesn’t count this as full sentence.)


I’m just gonna do whoever’s alt that was a favor and delete it before you get some other mod pissed at you :wink:


thank you marl.

I just wanted to make a joke hippo account.
but I guess I can’t now.




tbh you probably dont want to risk even a minor rule breakage in your case
as you’d probably get re-perma’d for it

so i feel as if i’m doing you a favor here




And King who was non-aligned


Will I get banned if I get a second earning


a second wuh?