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Forum of Lies 13 - Blue Dragon, Cowardly King, and Alchemist Win


Last minute change of plans
@Methnor Check Sam
@Margaret Bomb Pug
Reasoning ; If Pug is ritualist, he can use his day ability to dodge the check today.


Also, Celeste… Pug is your competition! You don’t need any competition, yeah? :wink:


Again that would have been amazing cult plan or terrible one, but Hippo said Dama got RB but I say he got special, does that mean I am gaining cred? I already have with mister NightX over there.

@Margaret Yes, if Noz flips Invoker then the last cult is Dama no matter what but then leaves the question how Sam17z and I are not compatible, that Hippo is actually Neutral or Wolfy is Devout.


Welcome back by the way, Marl.


The logical explaination is Hippo is neutral.
Check Hippo’s class type tonight since Scorned is social but maid is inves.


You also know you can force Sam to crier to confirm not Apostle.

If he doesn’t crier. He gets death.

But either way, I’m fine with being yolobombed, at least I won’t be converted into a loss.


Apostle cannot crier. So there’s my reasoning.


Make sure to heal Mole


You’re wrong
once again
how do so many of you not know how cult points work? :thinking:


Yee, he heals Mole and you take his life for stealing your heal target


When did I leave? :thinking:


You died, you came back from the dead - how wouldn’t I notice that?


Also I think it’s pretty obvious what Hippo is, so why would I waste time with him?


They can however, put order like Noble can - speaking of which, did he used such ability again N3? Do anyone know that?


Continuing the discussion from FoL Class Cards (Now Officially Official):

just going to put this here


You can take the Noble announcement for one cult point.


Think for a second pug
If you could only take the cult alts listed, why do you have two cult points and yet you could only spend a maximum of 1? It doesn’t make any sense

You can buy any noble ability or passive (besides the freebie) for 1 cult point besides Order. You have to take the cult alt instead for Order.


oh okay…

Crier isn’t listed here, that’s all…


Ye, that’s irrelevant. A noble turned apostle CAN take royal announcement. Just like they can choose to take royal blood.


You guys ready yet or a bit more time is needed if it wasn’t hammer already