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Forum of Lies 13 - Blue Dragon, Cowardly King, and Alchemist Win




also I’m phys.

I won’t bleed out


The point is if you were ritualist, you would bleed out.


PKR, was the best convert for last night. The fact was no one knew PKR was blessed. PKR had just rezzed someone so they are confirmed. I would have converted PKR if I was CL.


/execute think daz hammerz


Ritualist can take immunity to bleed and pois.


So what is the point of wolfing Mr. Puggo


Cult point abilities don’t transfer over to the cult leader?
Also, Meth is checking pug. So
I’m not wolfing him, I’m bearing so i can’t be converted.
Don’t want to be dragged down to a loss or memebombed by celeste, thanks.


So we just letting frost of the hook Incase they ratted Dama for street cred??


lul Frost is our lynch tommorow, silly. We’re murdering all the convert targets today.


So once all the death happens. If the game does not end:

  • Lynch Frost

  • Jail and Exe Pug

  • Marl bear

  • PKR make Moleland immune for the night

  • Moleland prince things
    If game is alive after that it means 1 of 3 things

  • Marl was converted

  • PKR was converted and Methnor lied

  • Wolfy is Devout

It 100% means pug was converted and converted someone when he bled out unless Wolfy is devout


What about hippo? And the odds that pug is ritualist using the brotherhood.


Disregard this. Did not do cult research,


We have more bombs and jail cells to use tomorrow night, bud.


Methnor cleanse Pug for me please.



One day you are on the top of the world and the next your are going to get bombed. The magic of life.


Let’s be honest, if Dama is actually the CL like Frost says, the game is likely going to end when Dama gets axed by the prince.


In this game, you can’t leave anything to a likely. You need to cover all your boundaries. That is why I am being bombed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Celeste btw, if Noz flips invoker. You don’t have to bomb me. So chill if Noz flips invoker.


Sorry dood, u getting bombed no matter what