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Forum Mao [5/5] (Shuffling and Dealing Cards)


Unnesscary speaking


Unnesscary speaking


Well imma /replace out because I legit have no clue what to do


Thats literally the point of the game. your supposed to test things and see if it works .


/play four of diamonds


Penalty, Illegal play. You will keep that card along with another card drawn.



your turn


/play Eight of Spades



your turn





your turn


Two keys isn’t too bad. Shame it’s not a two of diamonds though, you can use that plus blank card to get infinite money!





/play 3 of hearts


This game is literally as slow as a snail
and requires as much activity as sleeping on a coach

So i’m going to let another game start since this won’t impact other game activity


Point of Order


Yeah it doesn’t require much dedication so I really don’t give a shit if another different game runs


Illegal play





Unnecessary talking