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Forum Mao [5/5] (Shuffling and Dealing Cards)


although I’m eating so I’ll be slightly absent


No talking


i don’t think this will be speed


oh I see




What am I playing


This game better not have anything to do with communism unless it’s crushing communism


Some card game that is like the best game for my luck and gambling skills


Best part is, I should be incredibly lucky today as yesterday I was moderate luck.


Can’t play anymore sorry


it’s not a speed thing chill


if this turbo then i can’t play too rn

oh nvm


it is not TURBO


Ok back in I saw 5 players and thought turbo


Gib hand



Start the game






The game of Mao is now in session. Anybody but the Dealers (me and livi) and the players talk they get a slap on the wrist

Geyde shall start this game

The starring bottom card is TWO OF HEARTS

Please state what you are doing in this thread, to draw just say draw, to play a card declare the card you are playing from your hand. The dealers will remove it from your hand and give you your card ASAP if you draw