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Forum Mao [5/5] (Shuffling and Dealing Cards)


The game of Mao is now in session

Global Rules apply
The one game rule I can reveal is that I cannot tell you any of the rules excluding this one
The deck is your standard 52 card deck but infinite, so you could have x amount of cards of the same amount
All penalties shall be one card
The reason you received said penalty shall be revealed in thread
Your hand is in your PM I shall give you.
Be prepared for bullshit, this game can be very frustrating.
Don’t look up the rules online, it ruins the fun of the games


  1. Luxy
  2. Geyde
  3. HTM
  4. Maximus Prime
  5. Celeste


Sniped Fk


Would in but I know the rules








trust me we are gonna need some people who know the rules


Idk even know what I signed up for


Hell Mao

I’ve played some, but not on forums




i’ve no idea what this is



Bastard game? Idk




It is not bastard, I will never lie to you


But u just broke a rule


Welcome to heck

Also Noz how does forum cards work?


I send you a PM with the list of your cards, I will update that PM with your current hand every time you draw a card


I insta draw a royal flush right


I wanna say the line


Noz I thought I was co hosting


Oh yeah sure i’ll add you to the PMs and send you a rule list