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Forum Mafia/Forum Game Hub




What is fire emblem fate?


lmgtfy /s

  • Create a Forum Mafia queue (Just like the SFoL Queue)
  • Leave Forum Mafia unmoderated

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just creating 1 queue will ruin fm here. I don’t wanna have to sit through like 8 shit FM’s before one I wanna join


give ppl with good records like ashe, ashe, ashe and ashe the ability to host one whenever


probably too devisive but having a straight queue will kill fm


we could go for a system like on MU where instead of it being a queue where each game happens one after another instead each game is booked to start at a certain date


it means that everyone can host the games they want without being delayed but there’s a limit to how many can go on at once


So like three queues, but whenever someone signs up a game we put it on the queue with the least stuff on it? :thinking: and each queue has to wait until the game running in it closes


Yeah, kinda like that. Except each new set of games begins at a set date.


> I'm not in your list




:clap: much better :sunglasses:


I actually like this idea of 3 queues. In fact, I think SFoL should be like this too with 2 queues.


I didn’t realise how many FMs we’ve had. It’s impressive.
The queues are also great for organising.
Sorry for a mini necro bump but this is pinned for most anyway so should be fine


Oh right
The game list is on this spreadsheet btw


Oh wow, thanks Marl, I missed that!
Seems we have a good list for future games.


Tbh just seeing a 8 game waitlist for each 2 columns. Thinks in head oh, I remember seeing that somewhere before. His mind answers oh THE SFOL WAITLIST With this information in mind he calls the council to trim the forum mafia games on the waitlist so history does not repeat itself with a 30 game waitlist


Wait lists aren’t an inherently bad thing, especially considering the fact that there is the premier queue, aka literally designed to jump the queue so long as your willing to have your game looked over. I’d say it’s fine for now.

Side note, am I the only one who hates italics/asterisk roleplay lol