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Minority Rule Hub

Finished Games

Multiball Neighborhood Madness (Town Victory!) - Hosted by NuclearBurrito
Purgatory (Demon Victory!) - Hosted by Marluxion
Mountainous (Town Victory!) - Hosted by Icibalus
SAW (Simon & SuperJack victory!) - Hosted by NozBugz
Wepick (Town Victory!) - Hosted by orangeandblack5
Vrooom (Town Victory!) - Hosted by Icibalus
FMCPG (Mafia Victory!) - Hosted by Schultz
Popcorn (Town Victory!) - Hosted by orangeandblack5
Mexican Standoff (Mafia Victory!) - Hosted by NuclearBurrito
Modkilled (Disciple + Renegade Victory!) - Hosted by Marluxion / Damafaud
Bread and Circuses (Town + Circus host victory!) - Hosted by Parfait
Enemy Within (Illuminati Victory) - Hosted by Frostwolf103
Assassin in the Palace (King + Town victory) - Hosted by Marluxion / Insanity
Assassins 2 (Town Win) - Hosted by Marluxion / Insanity
French Revolution (Hippolytus, MaximusPrime and the Jacos win!) - Hosted by NozBugz
Upick FM (Town wins!) - Hosted by Pug
Mountainous 2 (Mafia Wins!) - Hosted by Marluxion
Church Vs Coven (Everyone but Maximus wins!) - Hosted by gingerbeardgentleman
Popcorn Mafia 2 (Mafia Victory!) - Hosted by Marluxion
Spyfall (Simon wins!) - Hosted by Moleland
Infiltration in Bowser’s Castle (Minion/Kong/Fawful Victory!) - Hosted by Pug / Techwolves
Church VS Coven 2 (Clergy Victory!) - - Hosted by gingerbeardgentleman
FM - Unknown (Town Victory!) - Hosted by Marluxion
[FM] - Kingmaker (Traitors Win!) - Hosted by NightX
Anything UPick Can Happen (Town Victory!) - Hosted by Icibalus / NuclearBurrito
[FM] Poker Mafia - THE MAFIA, LEPRECHAUN AND GAMBLER WIN - Hosted by Psychoneirik and Firekitten
FM JOAT Madness (Mafia Victory!) - Hosted by Burrito
[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!) - Hosted by Twil1ight
FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out? - Hosted by Eevee / Marluxion
[FM] Forum Micro Mafia - Lovers - Hosted by Marluxion
[FM] Day one mafia - Town and The Exiled win! - Hosted by psychoneirik / Twil1ight
FM Shrouded Town Wins! - Hosted by NuclearBurrito / Firekitten
Forum Micro Mafia - True Love <3 - Hosted by Marluxion
Forum Micro Mafia - Russian Roulette 9/8 - Town Wins! - Hosted by Marluxion
Medical Mafia Mafia wins! - Hosted by Firekitten
[FM] Fun Chaos!? ~ Everyone Won? Mafia, Medusa, Werewolf, Guardian, And Town win! - Hosted by HTM
MINDNIGHT - FM Edition Hippo technically wins! - Hosted by Twil1ight / HTM
[FM] Throne of Riots - Council of Idiots Win! (Barely) - Hosted by PoisonedSquid / Pug
Private Investigation FM - Game Over (Insert Red Check) - Hosted by Icibalus
Fire and Ice Mafia - Fire Mafia Wins! (2/13 Alive) - Hosted by Ashe
[FM] Poker Mafia 2 - The Elite and The Entertainer won! - Hosted by psychoneirik / Firekitten
Cult in the Jungle Republic - Cult Wins! - Hosted by Ashe
Mafia Nightfall Season 1 (4/16) -Town Wins!- - Hosted by Soulshade55r / Hippolytus
[SFM] Secret Murderers?~The Town, the Paranoid, And the Survivor win! - Hosted by HTM / MTheJoker
[CFM] Noughts and Crosses ~ Mafia wins! - Hosted by HTM
Mysterium: FM Edition The Clock Strucks Defeat! (Game Over) - Hosted by PoisonedSquid
[SFM] Chess Mayhem - Night Five - Mafia and Survivor Wins! - Hosted by Twil1ight
Fire Emblem Fates FM - In The White Light - Town Wins! - Hosted by Icibalus / Marluxion
[FM] Ghost Town 2 (Nobody Wins [except Town I guess]) - Hosted by Orangeandblack5 / Icibalus
[FM] Viva la Revolution Reroll - Town Wins! - Hosted by Ashe
Ritual Mafia - Congregation Wins - Hosted by Psychoneirik / Twil1ight
Adjective Forum Mafia - Day 7 - Mafia and the Guardian Wins! (4/16) - Hosted by Sarun
6d6 Mafia - Game Over - Town Wins - Hosted by Icibalus
Ace Attorney Forum Mafia - Town Victory! - Hosted by Marluxion / ConfustoLook

Current games

FM: Ministry [Spies Win] - Hosted by Hippolytus / Livicus

Sign-ups opened games

Mysterium Turbo (4/6) - Hosted by Simon / PoisonedSquid
[SFM] Kingdom Conflict Signups Open (7/22) - Hosted by HTM

Dropped Games

Red scare - Hosted by Boopydoop
SAW 2 - Hosted by NozBugz
Endless Day - Hosted by NightX
2 Rooms and a Boom - Hosted by Pug/Strangle
The Worst iPick - Hosted by Pug
Jumblepick - Hosted by NightX
Y’All Pick PKR wins? - Hosted by Simon / HTM / NightX
[Canned by Popular Demand] Bastardized Camelot - Hosted by Celeste_Ludenberg & MaximusPrime
[FM] The Zombie Apocalypse (Canned) - Hosted by HTM
Forum Mafia Sniper! It wasn’t canned. Everyone just died except 1 person - Hosted by Firekitten / Memesky
Pokemon BTM 2 - Hosted by Moleland
[FM] Factville (Offcially Canned) - Hosted by HTM / Nerbins
Happy Murder Day to you! Rip the game. Going to improve it and not rush this time :( - Hosted by Firekitten
[FM] Shoot 'em up! [Canned] - Hosted by Memesky / Firekitten
[FM] Memesky’s uPick [14/14] [Canned] - Hosted by Memesky / MaximusPrime
Forum Mafia “Jobs” (7/16) - Hosted by Firekitten
[FM] Shrug 5/14 [Canned] - Hosted by Memesky / Firekitten
[FM] Polish Mafia Mash - Canned from inactivity - Hosted by Eevee / Vulgard
Throne of Salem (10/16) | Day 4: PoisonedPrince - Hosted by Pug
Mountainous 3 [Canned] - Hosted by Memesky
[FM] Ghost Town (Day 1) - Hosted by Orangeandblack5 / Icibalus
Ritual Mafia - (Game has been rerolled in a new thread) - Hosted by Psychoneirik / Twil1ight
[FM] Viva la Revolution - Being Rerolled - Hosted by Ashe
[FM] Duck Duck Goose! [Canned :’( ] - Hosted by Parfait
Infiltration in Bowser’s Castle FM 2 (15/16) Day 2 - Death of a Greenie - Hosted by Pug
[FM] Charge me up! [14/14] - Hosted by Memesky
FM: Trouble in CoI - Canned - (0/16) - Hosted by Boss110 / Firekitten

FM JOAT Madness
Assassins 2 - Electric Boogaloo (9/9)
Upick FM - Go insane (Town, eevee and Unknown win)
Endless Day (Dropped)
Assassin in the Palace (King Hippolytus and The Royal Guard win!)
Return of the Blue Dragon Survey II

Thank god we needed this lol


Legends of Merathia is technically a current game


Along with the other RPs


Is Red Scare still going? It’s been a week.


Well judging as people just stopped posting I assumed noone wanted to play

And I’m not going to oversee a game no-one wants to play


Who hadn’t sent in their votes?


Also can I add moonhowl to the list in hopes it might return? :^]


Literally everyone


Is it going to be dropped then?




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Obsession Confession Thread

I’m gonna clean this hub a bit


@Pug Is the 2 rooms thing still happening?




Updated the hub to show Bob on Hiatus, and updated the link to 2 Rooms and a boom


At what number of FM games does it become socially unacceptable to post another one? :thinking:


the current one lel
nah it’s probably fine ig if you really wanna host it


there’s only like 7 going on right now >>>.>>>>>


I’m probably gonna do a marl and open signups but delay the gamestart until after things quiet down a bit.