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Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Blacklist


FM and FoL Blacklist

This list is effective immediately. Additions to the blacklist will be handled by the Forum of Lies team.

Player Name Blacklisted From Duration Reason

Indefinite Blacklists last until said player has proven they have changed and have appealed directly with an FoL Team Member Privately.

This thread is not the place to handle such appeals, if you wish to appeal, private message Myself, @Ashe, @Icibalus, @Queen_Alfa or @Jazz

This blacklist applies to all Classic Forum of Lies, Competetive Forum Mafia and Premium Forum Mafia games.

Hosts of Special Forum Mafia games or Special Forum of Lies games MAY choose to ignore this list if they wish.

Homestuck Smalltown (10/12) [Day 2] - Megido's Fall
Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread
closed #6


Tactically replacing out of games, replacing out of games because you don’t like your role, and rage replacing out of games is unacceptable.

If it occurs often or is bad enough, you may find yourself blacklisted for a period of time.

Remember; If you can’t play the game, don’t sign up for it.